Explore the Soča river in all its glory

Rafting Soča

Slovenia is very popular among various tourists, but especially among the adventurers that are always on the lookout for a new experience. There are many different options to try, with some of them being very attractive even to the most hardened adventurers. But the main attraction can be the nature itself, which can either make or break the whole trip. With the Soča river, there is no worry that the experience will be spoiled – the river itself is the attraction, all the activities are just the icing on the cake!

To really explore the river in all its glory, you’ll have to make close acquaintance with it. The best option for that might be rafting, Soča is very suitable for rafters and provides them with a great experience. No wonder the tourist agencies in the Soča valley all offer different tours for unforgettable rafting. Soča is especially thrilling in its upper part, where it’s also the most pristine looking and lively. The ambient of alpine peaks and hillsides is perfect for all kinds of activities, not only rafting. Soča will show some of its beauty to everyone, but the beauty is, in large part, in the details.

Make a step further and discover all the hidden nooks and crannies of the valley – the best way to do that is canyoning. Bovec, Slovenia, is especially popular starting point, as it has several attractive tours on offer. For canyoning, Bovec, Slovenia, offers all-inclusive offers that will take you deep into the unspoilt nature of the Soča valley. There are unpredictable adventures waiting for you, along with all the challenges of canyoning. Bovec, Slovenia, ensures the best guides are available, so the canyoning experience will be safe and enjoyable, even if it’s challenging.