Discover canyoning

Canyoning Soca River

Canyoning is not the most popular option among the various activities organized in the suitable natural surroundings of the rivers. But this just means there’s a potential to discover it – even many experienced travelers that are not afraid to try adrenaline activities have not yet encountered canyoning. If you find yourself in Slovenia, canyoning is definitely one of the experiences to discover. Visit the Soca Valley and take advantage of the ideal surroundings for this activity.

For kayak, Bovec itself is not ideal. It does have canyons, but it’s generally too wide and deep, without the concentration of natural obstacles needed for immersive kayak. Bovec has several tributaries that are much more suitable, with narrow canyons, dynamic streams, and other interesting features that allow for comprehensive canyoning expeditions. Also, the river itself is pretty crowded in the summer months, and, while beautiful, can’t really offer the exploratory experience of smaller remote streams. Those are better for kayak, Bovec remains the best choice for rafting and kayaking.

With most of the canyoning courses a bit remote, it’s important to find the best provider of organized tours. The best place is for canyoning Bovec, where you can find the agencies offering this activity to tourists. For canyoning, Bovec is well placed – it’s not too distant from the streams and valleys used for canyoning, while the agencies offer very comprehensive packages, including transportation. There are many options to choose from, different canyons, obstacles, and of course different experiences in the end. Many tours are suitable for beginners, there are some short canyons near Bovec, while the offer is well suited for experienced visitors as well. Canyoning Bovec also caters to those seeking a real adventure, willing to lose themselves in the untamed nature for several hours.